Art Stars: Caroline Jacobson

caroline outside.jpg

Paintings by Caroline Jacobson


Artwork: Caroline Jacobson

Creative Direction & Styling: Hannah Black

Photography: Hannah Siegfried

There was a time Champagne Cari, better known as, Caroline Jacobson, didn’t see art in her future. That was until the Chicago-based painter dropped out of business school to invest in her newfound dream. Jacobson, who’s influenced by the likes of Egon Schiele, Marlene Dumas, and Henri Matisse, commissions portraits that show off female sensuality with a sense of empathy under her brush.

“I paint, because it scares me,” said Jacobson who continues to confront her fears. “I’m very capable of doing absolutely nothing. Trust me, I can lounge hard. But painting is the only thing that has made me want to not do nothing. It’s the only thing I’ve ever really cared about.”


Originally published in IN #4, Fall 2015