Seoul-based singer Xin Seha takes us into 7F, The Void

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Photography by N'Ouir


Photography: N’Ouir

Interview: Isis Nicole

Welcome to 7F, the Void, an atmospheric synth-funk EP released by Korea-based recording artist, Xin Seha. 

Isis Nicole: How did you feel after you completed 7F, the Void?

Xin Seha: I felt like finally, I did it. 7F, the Void had not been finished for a long time. After “티를 내 (Timeline)”, which is the first single of this project, it took me a year longer to build the other tracks. The saddest thing in my life occurred during that period, but as a result, it made me complete this project. It was meaningful that I recorded my sorrow.

IN: What else can we expect from this project?

XS: I focused on trying to express distance that happens over time and the unfamiliarity with which we come face-to-face with. At the same time, I tried to achieve taking a step back from the peculiarities of the genre that I delved into in 7F, the Void. [It's] a balance. 

IN: What do you consider to be the most interesting experience about being a musician in Korea today?

XS: Nowadays, the culture, including music of the east side (referred to as Asia in the U.S.), is getting more and more attention. It seems like the barriers of the east and the west collapsed through local area network. I think it's important how these are mixed, and we can see [where] the results [of tradition] are derived. The traditional Korean emotions that I grew up with, and the educational policies, politics, and social phenomena, have very [immense] roots for me. Korea has its own character [known as] Hangul which is something that can only be expressed by its people. It's a great power to embrace, whether I like it or not. [We have] a interesting story that cannot be done by anyone. I value it very much [and] will always make an effort to find answers within my music.


Originally published in IN #6, Fall 2017