Boom Selecta, DJ Snoochie Shy


Photography by Sophie Jones


"Love has so many different emotions. It can hurt, be great, make you angry, sad - jealous, but love can also help you grow. Love is why I try so hard to succeed!"

Photography: Sophie Jones

Set Assistance: Kiran Gidda

INTRODUCING DJ Snoochie Shy, a 22-year-old presenter for VEVO UK and 107.3 FM Reprezent radio.

Claim to fame: Modeling on a billboard for Dr. Martens in London.

Superpower: I can balance three cats in one hand, at the same time!

Weakness: Mean boyzzzz.

On working with VEVO: VEVO is cool! It's also really fun because it combines my love of hosting and music. We have a really great team of people behind the show [as well] and when I got the call saying I was chosen, I literally cried!

Self-service: Love yourself and love your self. Take as many as you want and be confident with who you are! 


Originally published in IN #3, Spring 2015

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