Designer Siobhan Hogan talks fashion and fun at Shopfloorwhore


INTRODUCING Siobhan Hogan, founder and creative director of womenswear brand Shopfloorwhore, who humbly describes herself as a hair bleach addict and eternal traveller.  

Interview by Isis Nicole

Isis Nicole: Lately I've been listening to a podcast called "On Being", where Krista Tibbett starts her questions with spirituality. Do you come from a religious background, or have a belief in a Higher being?  

Siobhan Hogan: I believe in a god. Who or what that is, I am still trying to work out. 

IN: Claire Underwood or Cersei Lannister? 

SH: Claire Underwood. 

IN: Powerful and chic. What are your favorite luxuries? 

SH: UBER, good coffee, and a soft ass bathrobe.

IN: I knew I interviewed you for a reason! What led you to fashion and who do you design your pieces for? 

SH: Growing up in Liverpool, fashion was always a big thing. It's the whole working class mentality to look rich even when you are poor as hell! Everything revolved around looking good, hair done, nails did, new outfits. I started working for a clubwear designer, think flouro, lycra and iron on diamanté. It was a dream! From there, I went to uni, got my degree, left Liverpool for East London and went between Fashion PR and Luxury Retail. [That is until] I sat back and realized I wasn't a conventionally corporate kinda gal. 

IN: Those focal points. They get their way every time! 

SH: That's how Shopfloorwhore was born. I wanted to build a world in which girls like me had the freedom to be who they wanted, and explore their own creativity along the way. Essentially, I wanted to make exclusive pieces that were accessible, fun and coveted. 

IN: I love the playfulness and the more is more collection you've created. 

SH: I focus on making pieces for strong minded, free spirited babes who have something to say and ultimately want to have fun. My brand is tongue in cheek, it's not meant as a serious point of view on the world, I just want my customers to wear Shopfloorwhore and enjoy it. 

IN: What's your greatest superpower?

SH: I can see right through people

IN: And your greatest weakness?

SH: I am a grade A procrastinator. 

IN: Who are you telling? I'm trying to become more attentive to patterns that lead to my procrastination. Like, am I really resisting work that needs to be done because I'm being lazy or is it because I'm avoiding "fear of failure" in my head. But that's a discussion worth coming back to in a future issue! As a #GIRLBOSS how do you manage your hustle while still in support of other up-and-coming bosses? When do you know to consume? When do you know to save?

SH: I keep focused on my journey, and appreciate all the success my fellow #BossBabes achieve. We are all in this together and it's good to know that young women as a whole are taking charge and building their own futures. I try to collaborate with as many babes as I can. I have so many talented friends who started out as fellow creatives I reached out to, and I think it's important to work with other people. It's amazing how big initial ideas can go when you get together on a team level. I strongly believe everyone has their own journeys, so it's not a competition - that said, it's healthy to keep aware of what your contemporaries are doing, and push yourself to be the best you can be. 

IN: How do you manifest your own lane? 

SH: Stay strong, keep doing what you believe in, and be nice. 

IN: When can we expect the launch of a ShopFloorWhore flagship store? 

SH: [Smiles] When I get a very generous investor. 

IN: Have you always had an independent nature or did experiences shape you? 

SH: I'm a pretty independent person, but it took a few different experiences to make me realize I could do what I want, pay my bills and live happily ever after.

IN: That's endearing. And finally, what doesn't kill you… 

SH: Gives you strength, focus and determination. 


Originally published in IN #4, Fall 2015