Phoebe Lovatt, author of The Handbook for Women Who Do Creative Work




Phoebe Lovatt is the celebrated author of The Handbook For Women Who Do Creative Work and founder of The Working Women's Club, a physical and virtual space for driven women. Delighted by her wisdom and experience, we got a chance to interview Lovatt and discuss her contagious philosophy. 

Interview by Isis Nicole

Isis Nicole: Can you share one superpower? 

Phoebe Lovatt: [I am] master of the 15 minute nap.

IN: And your weakness?

PL: I talk and think fast, and can be impatient with those who don't.

IN: Where were you in 1992?

PL: Yung Phoebs was roaming the seedy streets of London's Soho on school days, and monkeying around the Bethnal Green Museum of Childhood on weekends.

IN: It's probably hard to choose, but as the author of The Handbook For Women Who Do Creative Work, what's your favorite piece of advice from it?

PL: "You have to know what you’re about, and celebrate it. Fuck standing up there feeling shit about it. Take it, love it — or don’t do it." (Neneh Cherry)

IN: What does it mean to be a girl boss?

PL: Integrity, hard work, showing kindness to yourself and all around you.

IN: And your wisdom on how to not be a sus girl boss?

PL: Don't talk about it; be about it.

IN: I've read in your bio that The WW Club started as a temporary work space. What led your movement to become weekly? 

PL: It's more than weekly; it's daily! The WW Club has no start and stop time: it's a movement, a community, and a whole spectrum of events. The pop-up space was just the beginning. Now it's everything from work parties to talks to radio shows. Next stage: global takeover.

IN: You're responsible for a number of iconic interviews with artists including Nicki Minaj and Chance the Rapper. Does your background as a journalist have any influence on your role as a moderator or vice versa?

PL: Undoubtedly. I've been a journalist for seven years now, and I've learnt a few things along the way. At this stage I feel pretty confident as an interviewer, and I'm enjoying the process of translating those skills into my work as a moderator.

IN: How did you and nail artist Madeline Poole meet?

PL: I can't even remember the first time, but it was probably through Aaron Bondaroff - founder of OH WOW/Know Wave radio, MP's man, and a connector of crew worldwide. Big up Aaron and Madeline! Power couple for real.

IN: In a city such as LA, how do you remain competitive without being cutthroat?

PL: I don't compete, I collaborate!

What doesn't kill you?

Makes for a really good story later down the line.



Originally published in IN #4, Fall 2015