Model Behavior, Donnika Anderson


Photography by Isaac Kariuki


Photography: Isaac Kariuki

Styling: Donnika Anderson

Lipstick: MDM Flow

Interview: Hannah Black

Whether you’ve seen her face in the pages of a new magazine or on fashion-forward hubs of Tumblr, model, Donnika Anderson, could be described as a woman who is approachable, elegant, and assured. Alongside her university studies, Anderson is represented by POC modeling agency Lorde Inc, founded by art history grad, Nafisa Kaptownwala.

She also contributes to Superhero Mag, a contemporary virtual archive for girls around the world  who are the bomb-dot-com. As summer came to a close, Hannah Black caught up with the London-based babe to discuss how she leads in the fast lane while making it all look so good. 

Describe a life in the day of Donnika Anderson:

I don’t really have a typical day at the moment. I’m living between London and Nottingham for uni, have a part time job, do stuff for Superhero Mag and model so everyday’s different. My ideal day would be going to a cool location in London to do a shoot with a fun team, then, spend the evening smoking and watching a weird film with this cool guy I’ve just started hanging out with. [Smiles] Or, I’d spend the morning in bed, then trawl around the charity shops, find cheap stuff, run home and try it all on while taking stupid webcam pics and videos to my favorite songs. 

You’re involved with tons of projects as a face and creative force behind My Superhero Mag as well as modeling for Lorde Inc. What’s the best part about being involved in different experiences? 

I’m a super capricious person. Experimenting with so many aspects of the creative industry keeps things fresh. It also teaches me about different creative processes which helps me produce better work in whatever I do. I also get the chance to meet so many interesting people who have so many amazing ideas. That’s probably my favorite part of being in the creative industry. I love modeling the most because it’s so cool being able to wear really weird outfits that I wouldn’t usually get a chance to wear in real life.

You’re always be on a video set, a shoot, or on the runway, and that doesn’t even account for what you do behind the scenes! How do you stay motivated?

I get motivated by the thought that it’s these years that really count in establishing yourself in life – especially in modeling. Obviously, I’m not like a proper big model or anything, but it’s still mainly something you can just do when you’re young. It’s so important for me to make the most of every opportunity I’m offered. 

Where do you find balance? 

The creative industry is so spontaneous. I actually find it really hard to balance with my job, which I need to pay rent. My boss is beginning to hate me for always taking days off. I spend adequate amounts of time with friends and family so they know how much I love them! Life’s great at the moment. I’m loving it!

What makes you feel most independent?

I’ve always been. I love having a job to make my own money so I don’t have to sponge off my parents. 

Who are you dying to collaborate with in the future?

Clio Peppiatt and Christian Cowans. I want to do more stuff for bigger names. I’d also love to meet Junglepussy, Contessa Stuto, and Fetty Wap. 

Advice for those on a mission to glo up and DIY?

Be nice and network! You never know who you’re talking to or what they could do for you… GOOD LUCK <3


Originally published in IN #4, Fall 2015

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